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Agenda Item (IV-B-1)

Meeting2/3/2015 - Committee
Agenda ItemCommittee - Teaching and Learning (IV-B-1)
SubjectPresentation on Grants Office Winter Report for 2014-2015
Information Only

Background Narrative:

Presented for the Board’s review is the Grants Office Winter Report for 2014-2015. Board Policy (BP) 3280 and the associated administrative procedures require that the Grants Office provide the Board with a report three times each academic year. In October of 2014, the Grants Office presented its fall report and provided the Board with a master grant submission schedule listing grants for which the District intends to apply for in the 2014-15 academic year. In keeping with this requirement, the Grants Office is pleased to provide the Board with an updated master grant submission schedule which details progress and status of grant opportunities, applications, and awards subsequent to our fall report.
Prepared By: Michael Burke, Ph.D., Chancellor
 Richard Keeler, Dean, Grants and Economic Development
Debbie McDowell, Administrative Assistant IV