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Agenda Item (VI-B-8-a)

Meeting1/15/2019 - Regular
Agenda ItemConsent Agenda Action (VI-B-8-a)
SubjectProposed Child Care Center Fee Increase
Child Care - Resource 3300
Recommended ActionIt is recommended that the Board of Trustees approve an increase in child care fees at Riverside City College and Moreno Valley College.

Background Narrative:

On April 20, 2010, the Board of Trustees approved an increase to the child care fees for both the Riverside City College and Moreno Valley College Child Care Centers. Included in that board action was approval for an additional increase of 6% per fiscal year in 2012 and 2013, if necessary. Neither year resulted in additional increases.

At this time both colleges are seeking approval for a 5% increase in child care fees, effective February 1, 2019. Additional approval is also requested for annual increases of not more than 5% effective July 1" in each new fiscal year as necessary to keep up with the raising costs of maintaining a quality, accredited child care center.

Attached for the board's review is the new proposed fee schedule along with the demographic breakdown of each center's enrollment: faculty/staff, student population or local community.

Prepared By: Irving Hendrick, Interim President, Riverside City College
 Chip West, Vice President, Business Services (RCC)