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Agenda Item (VI-B-8-a)

Meeting12/11/2018 - Regular
Agenda ItemConsent Agenda Action (VI-B-8-a)
SubjectProject Savings Reconciliation to Adjust Measure C Project Budgets
Measure C
Recommended ActionIt is recommended that the Board of Trustees approve the adjusted budgets for the projects identified on the Project Savings Reconciliation report and return the project savings totaling $3,689,245 to the originating college/district/fund.

Background Narrative:

A Project Savings Reconciliation (PSR) report is presented for the Board’s review and consideration. The PSR is intended to reconcile Board of Trustees approved Measure C project budgets with actual completed project expenditures. The net project savings shown on the PSR is $3,689,245. Action on this item will permit unused project funds to be returned to each of the college/district/funds identified on the PSR and will become available for future projects.
Prepared By: Aaron Brown, Vice Chancellor, Business and Financial Services
 Majd Askar, Director of Business Services
Bart Doering, Facilities Development Director