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Agenda Item (VI-B-5-b)

Meeting12/11/2018 - Regular
Agenda ItemConsent Agenda Action (VI-B-5-b)
SubjectAgreement for Norco College 2019-2024 Facilities Master Plan with the DLR Group
General Fund
Recommended ActionIt is recommended that the Board of Trustees approve the consulting services agreement for Norco College’s 2019-2024 Facilities Master Plan with the DLR Group in the amount of $267,000.

Background Narrative:

In 2013, Norco College completed its most recent Facilities Master Plan (FMP). Since that time, there have been several significant external and internal changes and circumstances creating a strong impetus for updating the expiring 2013-18 Norco College FMP. These include, but are not limited to the following:

• The college is currently in the process of developing a new Education Master Plan and Integrated Strategic Plan

• RCCD is also developing a new strategic plan, with anticipated completion by the end of 2018

• The California Community College Board of Governors established six goals for the system to achieve by 2022 as part of its Vision for Success: Strengthening the California Community Colleges to Meet California’s Needs plan

• In 2017, Norco College appointed a new President and in 2017, RCCD appointed a new Chancellor

• The College’s prospective growth, Education Master Plan, and Integrated Strategic Plan intend to guide the new Facilities Master Plan development

• The College’s new Facilities Master Plan aims to be informed by sustainable practices and the State’s direction towards Zero-Net Energy facilities

• New State funding programs and priorities: Guided Pathways, College Promise Initiatives, Strong Workforce, Student Centered Funding Formula, Student Success, Equity and Achievement Programs Integration

• Opportunity for expansion of the campus

The Norco College 2019-2024 Facilities Master Plan project will include the development of a five-year initial plan with a ten and twenty-year prospective view. The new Facilities Master Plan should result in evidence-based guide for future college development, and provide a quantitative and qualitative description of the College’s strategy to support educational program needs, address the long-range forecast for enrollment, and maximize funding opportunities. The new Facilities Master Plan will be guided by the College’s new 2018 Education Master Plan, providing a framework for future development, including the construction of new facilities, the renovation and repurposing of existing facilities, and implementation of a number of College-wide site improvements.

The College’s constituency-based evaluation team assessed and scored the proposals according to a consistent rubric, scoring each firm utilizing the criteria listed below. The top three firms were invited for interviews which included a short campus tour, interactive presentations, and a standard question-and-answer period.

1. Qualifications, Experience and References

2. Work Plan and Schedule

3. Competitiveness of Fee Proposal

4. Other Related Factors (exceptions/deviations, certifications and affidavits, completeness of proposal, adherence to RFP instructions).

Attached is the service agreement between Riverside Community College District and DLR Group for the Norco College 2019-2024 Facilities Master Plan.
Prepared By: Bryan Reece, President Norco College
Aaron Brown, Vice Chancellor, Business and Financial Services
 Sam Lee, Vice President, Academic Affairs
Michael Collins, Vice President, Business Services (NC)
Majd Askar, Director of Business Services