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Agenda Item (VIII-C-1)

Meeting1/16/2018 - Regular
Agenda ItemCommittee - Planning and Operations (VIII-C-1)
SubjectGround Lease for Corrections Platform Training Facility at Ben Clark Public Safety Training Center with County of Riverside
College/DistrictMoreno Valley
Title V Grant
Recommended ActionIt is recommended that the Board of Trustees approve the Ground Lease for the Corrections Platform Training Facility at Ben Clark Public Safety Training Center with County of Riverside.

Background Narrative:

Moreno Valley College (MVC) is the educational training partner at Ben Clark Public Safety Training Center with the County of Riverside (Sheriff and CalFire). To advance the training programs to serve the needs of the partners, MVC applied for, and received a Title V Grant to development a corrections training platform facility.

The ground lease will provide access and control of approximately 5,000 square feet of property near the mat rooms to construct a 4,800 square foot facility. The facility will be a double height pre-fabricated metal building, consistent to the type of buildings located in the area; to house the scenarios of all aspects of corrections training. The double height of the facility will permit a second level "cat walk' system to be included to permit observational training, direction and captures. The ground level will include cells, intake desk, day rooms, shower/restroom areas, and control pod. These rooms will mimic correctional facilities with concrete walls, but an open ceiling to permit the observation and training.

The programming of the facility has been developed and approved by the partners. In order to construct the facility, a ground lease from the county to the district is needed. The ground lease will provide for access and control of the land for development and operation for the duration of the grant. At the end of the grant, all assets are turned over to the County, with the District retaining access for training through an agreed to schedule (which will be in an operational agreement). The terms of the agreement are for $1 annually.
Prepared By: Chris Carlson, Chief of Staff & Facilities Development
 Robin Steinback, President, Moreno Valley College
Carlos Lopez, Vice President, Academic Affairs (MVC)
Arthur Turnier, Dean of Instruction PSET, BCTC
Nathaniel Jones, Vice President, Business Services (MVC)