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Agenda Item (IV-C-2)

Meeting11/5/2013 - Committee
Agenda ItemCommittee - Planning and Operations (IV-C-2)
SubjectPresentation on Tactical Patrol Rifles for RCCD
Information Only

Background Narrative:

Currently, college police officers carry a variety of equipment needed for various situations that may arise, this includes: pepper spray, taser, baton, less lethal bean bag / rubber bullet weapons, handguns and shotguns. As part of our ongoing active shooter training, patrol rifles are the standard weapon of choice for these situations.  Our police department just completed active shooter training on August 23, 2013 and patrol rifles were a part of our training exercises. 

Other allied agencies, Riverside Police Department or Riverside County Sheriff’s Office, who respond to incidents at any of our colleges all carry tactical patrol rifles in their vehicles.  College police personnel, who are on-site, as the first responders, do not have the weaponry available to appropriately respond to certain situations and possible confrontations when equipped only with a pistol or shotgun.  Pistols are inherently less accurate and have a shorter, effective range than a rifle or a shotgun.  Pistol caliber bullets penetrate through interior walls more heavily than rifle caliber bullets which increases the risk of unintended persons being hit and pistol caliber bullets do not penetrate body armor and many other obstacles commonly encountered while most .223 caliber rifle bullets will.


Prepared By: Ray Maghroori, Provost/Vice Chancellor, Educational Services
 Jim Miyashiro, Chief of Police