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Agenda Item (XII-B)

Meeting6/20/2017 - Regular
Agenda ItemBusiness From Board Members (XII-B)
SubjectReporting Out of Board of Trustees Annual Self Evaluation for 2017
Recommended ActionIt is recommended that the Board of Trustees delay reporting out results of self-evaluation until August 2017, so a board retreat can be held.

Background Narrative:

‚ÄčEach spring, pursuant to BP 2745 Board Self-Evaluation, the Board conducts their annual self-evaluation. It begins with each trustee completing an evaluation tool and presentation of the results in May 2017.
BP 2745 states that "the Board will conduct a self-evaluation annually to occur prior to the end of June of each year. The process is intended to assist the Board in the assessment of its performance as a whole body. It is not intended to evaluate or assess the performance of individual Board members. Initially, the Board will review and discuss its record of performance periodically in open session. Staff will inventory and assist the Board in the preparation of its record. Dialogue will be structured around the following seven dimensions of Board Effectiveness. It is anticipated that the Board will calendar  iscussions regarding a specific set of the dimensions each year. More formal measurement tools may be incorporated into the process over time." This year, the Board requested to hold a retreat to advance further conversation and discussion, relative to the assessment results, goals and objectives of this past year and setting of goals for this upcoming year. As such the results for reporting out will be provided once the retreat is conducted.
Prepared By: Chris Carlson, Chief of Staff & Facilities Development