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Agenda Item (IV-C)

Meeting4/18/2017 - Regular
Agenda ItemChancellor's Reports (IV-C)
SubjectPresentation on Men of Color Mentoring Program at Norco College
Information Only

Background Narrative:

Norco College welcomes the opportunity to highlight one of its student equity initiatives focused on men of color students. One of the goals in the Norco College 2015-2018 Student Equity Plan is to create conditions that foster engagement among men of color students. Today, we will be highlighting the Men of Color Mentoring Program. The goal of the program is to create an empowering cycle of support through mentorship, brotherhood, culturally relevant practices, community service, and self-advocacy. While the program is relatively new, it is already making a difference for mentors and mentees. An overview of the program’s components will be provided and Board members will have an opportunity to hear from mentors and a mentee about their experiences to date.

Dr. Gustavo Oceguera, Dean, Grants and Student Equity Initiatives
Mr. Justin Mendez, Student Success Coach for Men of Color and Foster Youth Initiatives

Kenny Solis, Alumni Mentor
Victor Ayala, Mentor
Daniel Moscoso, Mentee
Prepared By: Bryan Reece, President Norco College
 Dr. Gustavo Oceguera, Dean Grants and Student Equity Initiatives