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Agenda Item (XII-B)

Meeting4/18/2017 - Regular
Agenda ItemBusiness From Board Members (XII-B)
SubjectRecognition of Outgoing Citizens' Bond Oversight Committee Members
Information Only

Background Narrative:

RCCD Measure C Citizens’ Bond Oversight Committee (CBOC) members are eligible to serve three, two-year terms.
Upon completion of their term(s) it is appropriate for the Board of Trustees to officially recognize the contributions and stewardship of these committee members. Through their efforts, the Board of Trustees and the public is assured that public monies approved by voters through the general obligation bond measure in 2004 are spent in accordance with Proposition 39 and the ballot measure. In February 2017, one individual completed the third two-year terms of service on the CBOC: Mr. Jeff Kraus. During six years of service on the committee, Mr. Kraus proved to be dedicated, engaged and responsive in performing required oversight duties. Through his participation, he helped ensure that RCCD students and local communities benefit from high quality, accessible learning environments.

Prepared By: Michael Burke, Ph.D., Chancellor
 Peggy Cartwright, AVC, Strategic Communications and Institutional Advancement