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Agenda Item (VIII-A-1)

Meeting1/17/2017 - Regular
Agenda ItemCommittee - Governance (VIII-A-1)
SubjectBoard Policy for Second Reading and Approval
Recommended ActionIt is recommended that the Board of Trustees approve Board Policies 1100, 2010, 2710, 4020, 4220, 5140, 6700, 7335, 7340 and 7700.

Background Narrative:

Board Policies for Second Reading:

1100-The Riverside Community College District - Policy updated through the CCLC to delete an outdated reference to Elections Code Section 18304.

2010-Board Membership - Updated through the CCLC to include the restriction in Ed Code Section 72104 that precludes members of the governing board from serving on the governing body of a high school district with coterminous boundaries with the community college district.

2710-Conflict of Interest - Updated through the CCLC to specify that employees as well as Board members are prohibited from having a financial interest in a contract made by their official capacity.

4020-Program, Curriculum, and Course Development - CCLC changed the word "deletions" to "discontinuances" to maintain consistency in terminology throughout this policy.

4220-Standards of Scholarship - CCLC update to change a reference from Title 5 section 55002 et seq. to Title 5 sections 55020 et seq.

5140-Disabled Student Programs and Services - Updated through CCLC to reflect the language used in the new and amended Title 5 sections 56000 et seq. that went into effect July 1, 2016, and to remove a redundant citation.

6700-Use of Facilities - Updated through CCLC to add legal citations (Title 5 sections 59601 et seq.) governing the calculation of costs for use of college facilities.

7335-Health Examinations - Updated through CCLC to include a more specific reference to subsection (d) of 42 U.S Code Section 12112.

7340-Leaves - Updated through CCLC to correct a typographical error to the legal references for leave jury service or appearance as a witness in court.

7700-Whistleblower Protection - Updated through CCLC to extend protection against retaliation to District employees and applicants whose family member makes a protected disclosure.

Prepared By: Michael Burke, Ph.D., Chancellor
 Patrick Pyle, General Counsel