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Agenda Item (IV-D-2)

Meeting8/6/2013 - Committee
Agenda ItemCommittee - Resources (IV-D-2)
SubjectBudget Refinement for Student Services Building and Ancillary Projects Budget
Funding College Measure C Funds
Recommended ActionIt is recommended that the Board of Trustees approve a project budget refinement for the various components of Student Services Building and Ancillary Projects Budget, from the $32 million total project budget.

Background Narrative:

At the April 17, 2012 Board of Trustees meeting, the Board considered and approved a Project Budget for a new Student Services Building and ancillary projects in the amount of $32 million. While the report narrative outlined the elements of the project in generalities, a breakdown of scope and budget allocation of the $32 million was not specified.

At this time, the outline of scope and project components are well understood and therefore budget allocation of the $32 million can be presented and considered by the board. Earlier at the June 19, 2012 meeting, two of the ancillary project components were approved but the funding allocation provided needs to be adjusted; so providing an allocation for all six components of the $32 million will assure budget allocation and compliance for the entire $32 million. Each component will conform to its budget allocation to assure that all projects elements of the $32 million overall project will be accomplished, as overall planned and budgeted.

Exhibit 1 (attached) denotes the six components that are included in the $32 million Student Services Building and Ancillary Projects Budget, and are themselves refinements to the overall scope presented to the board in April 17, 2012 for the initial budget approval.

Prepared By: Wolde-Ab Isaac, Chancellor
 Charlie Wyckoff, Interim Vice President, Business Services, RCC
Chris Carlson, Chief of Staff & Facilities Development
John Baker, Interim-Director of Construction