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Agenda Item (XII-A)

Meeting9/20/2016 - Regular
Agenda ItemBusiness From Board Members (XII-A)
SubjectReporting Out of Board of Trustees Annual Self Evaluation for 2016
Recommended ActionIt is recommended that the Board of Trustees review and accept the goals for the next 12-month Board Self Evaluation period, as a means of reporting out from the 2015-2016 Board Self Evaluation process.

Background Narrative:

At the May 2016 regular meeting of the Board of Trustees, the Board conducted their annual self-evaluation. Prior to the meeting, each Board member was provided with an evaluation packet that included BP 2745-Board Self Evaluation, a self-assessment tool, a compilation of Board presentations, and a summary of Board activities for the previous 12 months. Additionally, a summary and reporting of 2015outcomes were included in the packet along with an overview of progress on the goals set for 2015.

The assessment tool and summary were categorized into the several dimensions of effectiveness contained within the Board’s policy. The Chancellor’s Office compiled an aggregated evaluation sheet with a summary of the aggregated findings, similar to what was conducted since 2009. Additionally, a comparative analysis over the past years was included, as the self-assessment tool was the same one used in prior years, and provided a comparative analysis versus a differing position.

At the May 2016 Board of Trustees meeting, the Board discussed the board self-evaluation survey results, and reviewed what the Board determined to be their strengths as a board and discussed in detail areas of improvement and plans for achieving improvement as a Board. The Board also reviewed the goals from the prior year and progress achieved. This discussion was also held at a special August Board meeting with a facilitator. Feedback was provided and the goals and objectives of the Board for the upcoming year were drafted and prepared as part of the next 12-month period of Board’s self-evaluation.

The goals for 2016-2017 are attached; and this year includes a new format to facilitate regular review, implementation and tracking progress.   Goals are listed with measurement standards on the following line(s), and action steps on the next line and the last line is target dates.  The format as drafted is as follows:


The Board, upon accepting the goals for 2016-2017, included in the retreat the notion of keeping regular review of the goals, to also include special board meetings every 4 or 6 months. Additionally, the goals will be posted under the Business from Board Members every month to permit review and discussion on a regular basis, as needed.
Prepared By: Chris Carlson, Chief of Staff & Facilities Development