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Agenda Item (IV-G)

Meeting11/17/2015 - Regular
Agenda ItemChancellor's Reports (IV-G)
SubjectReorganization of Risk Management Function to include Safety and Police Services and Change Name to the Department of Risk Management, Safety, and Police Services
Recommended ActionIt is recommended that the Board of Trustees review and accept the proposed reorganization of the Risk Management Function to the Department of Risk Management, Safety, and Police Services, effective 12/01/2015.

Background Narrative:

As the organization continues its maturation into that of a three-college District, the need to realign structure in order to better fit the overall charge of the organization will, from time-to-time, arise. Brought forward for your consideration is the Chancellor’s request to consider the reorganization of Risk Management and Safety and Police Services functions into a single department, the Department of Risk Management, Safety, and Police Services.

Currently, the Safety and Police Services function is housed within Educational Services. However, given the nature of the work performed within Safety and Police Services, the function is more closely aligned with the mission and goals of the Risk Management function. Consequently, from an organizational efficiency and effectiveness standpoint, it is reasonable to have both activities under the authority of a single functional area.

In order to effectuate the proposed realignment, the Safety and Police Services function would be moved under Business and Financial Services within the Risk Management function. And, while the proposed recommendation would not include additional staffing, it would include costs associated with compensating the Director for the additional duties that would result from the approval of this recommendation. Consequently, because the Director of Risk Management would then be responsible for an additional work unit, requiring a different level of responsibility, knowledge, and experience, it is also recommended that said position be reclassified to that of Director, Risk Management, Safety, and Police Services.

The proposed changes to the affected jobs descriptions have been forwarded to the Classification Review Committee for consideration of anticipated impact on the grading, for salary purposes, of the Director of Risk Management, Safety, and Police Services. Finally, proposed changes to the Chief of Police job description have also been forwarded to the committee for consideration.
Prepared By: Michael Burke, Ph.D., Chancellor
Terri Hampton, Vice Chancellor, HR and Employee Relations