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Agenda Item (VI-B-8-d)

Meeting11/17/2015 - Regular
Agenda ItemConsent Agenda Action (VI-B-8-d)
SubjectDestruction of Records
General Funds
Recommended ActionIt is recommended that the Board of Trustees approve the destruction of the records on the attached listing.

Background Narrative:

All records which have been held for the required retention periods which have been classified as Class 3 after having been held for the required retention period may be destroyed as per Title 5, Section 59020 et seq., of the California Administrative Code. Class 3 - Disposable Records are defined as any record archived for 3 years after July 1 of that fiscal year. These include records basic to audit; relating to attendance; full-time equivalent students; or a business or financial transaction (purchase orders; invoices, warrants, ledger sheets, canceled checks and stubs, student body and cafeteria fund records, etc.); detailed records used in the preparation of reports and; periodic reports, such as daily, weekly and monthly reports, bulletins and instructions. Board Policy 3310 establishes and authorization for destruction of records and Administrative Procedure 3310 establishes the procedures for destruction of records.
Prepared By: Aaron Brown, Vice Chancellor, Business and Financial Services
 Bill Bogle, Controller