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Agenda Item (IV-A-1)

Meeting9/4/2012 - Committee
Agenda ItemCommittee - Governance (IV-A-1)
SubjectMission Statement for the Board of Trustees
Funding n/a
Recommended ActionIt is recommended that the Board of Trustees review, discuss and adopt a Mission Statement for the Board.

Background Narrative:

Through the annual Self-Evaulation of the Board of Trustees completed in June 2012, the Board set a goal (#1) to establish a Mission Statement of the Board of Trustees. Based upon the goals of the Board, and the mission of the district, the following has been drafted for the Board's consideration and review:


"The Board is dedicated to providing governance and leadership that affords access to excellent higher educational opportunities for all who could benefit, thereby contributing to the strength of our communities and the local workforce. The Board, in collaboration with the Chancellor, is committed to supporting the missions of the Riverside Community College District and the Moreno Valley, Norco and Riverside City colleges."


Prepared By: Chris Carlson, Chief of Staff & Facilities Development