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Agenda Item (VI-B-5-d)

Meeting8/16/2011 - Regular
Agenda ItemConsent Agenda Action (VI-B-5-d)
SubjectRatification of Bid Awards for the Citrus Belt Savings & Loan Art Gallery, Categories 1 and 3
Redevelopment Pass-Through funds
Recommended ActionIt is recommended that the Board of Trustees ratify the award of bids for the two construction project categories, as listed below.

Background Narrative:

On May 17, 2011, the Board of Trustees pre-approved bid awards to the lowest responsive/responsible bidders for the Citrus Belt Savings & Loan Art Gallery project consisting of four categories: Category 1 - Exterior Demolition and New Façade; Category 3 - Interior and Exterior Improvements; Category 7 - Mechanical (HVAC); Category 9 - Electrical. The Board also authorized the issuance of Notices of Award; permitted project bid ratification at a subsequent Board of Trustees meeting; and authorized the Vice Chancellor, Administration and Finance to sign the associated agreements. On June 13, 2011, the District received bids in response to an Invitation for Bid solicitation for the construction categories listed below. A summary of the bid results is attached. The lowest responsive and responsible bidders were as follows:


Bid Category - Company Name Business - Location - Total Bid

1 - Ext.Demo.& New Facade - US Demolition - Anaheim - 78,151

3 - Int & Ext Impr. - Dalke and Sons Const.-Riverside - $948,480


On June 13, 2011, staff issued the Notice of Awards for the two construction project categories as listed above. References for all listed contractors were checked by District staff and found to be satisfactory.
Prepared By: Jim Buysse, Consultant, RCC
 Majd Askar, Director of Business Services