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Agenda Item (IV-D)

Meeting10/16/2012 - Regular
Agenda ItemChancellor's Reports (IV-D)
SubjectFive to Thrive Presentation - Faculty Presentation by Ms. Shari Yates, Associate Professor, Early Childhood Education
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Background Narrative:

Each month, a faculty member is invited through the Academic Senate to present on teaching and programs from the classroom that distinguish RCCD and its faculty and colleges.

This month, the presentation will be from Shari Yates, Associate Professor, Early Childhood Education, Riverside City College. The presentation will include the demonstration of the concept of Theory of Mind.

At the RCC Child Development Laboratory, children are used for the purposes of demonstrating theoretical concepts to college students. Demonstrations allow the college student to learn more about child growth and development and behaviors of the young children through both observation and participation. The lab provides the opportunity for students interested in Early Childhood Education to gain experience in setting up and conducting activities with young children. The laboratory also provides experiences for a variety of disciplines to facilitate observation projects and research conducted by faculty and students. The RCC Child Development Laboratory cares for the young children of faculty, staff, students, and the community. The hours are 6:30am until 5:30pm, Monday-Friday.

Theory of Mind is a person’s theory of what other people might be thinking. In order to have a theory of mind, children must realize that other people are not necessarily thinking the same thoughts that they themselves are. Theory of mind is an emergent ability, slow to develop, and seldom occurs before the age of 4.
Prepared By: Chris Carlson, Chief of Staff & Facilities Development