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Agenda Item (VIII-D-1)

Meeting10/16/2012 - Regular
Agenda ItemCommittee - Resources (VIII-D-1)
SubjectTentative Project Budget and Borrowing of Measure C Funds for Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics Center Renovation Project
Title III STEM Grant and College Allocated Measure C Funds
Recommended ActionIt is recommended the Board of Trustees approve: (1) the Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics Center Renovation project at the Norco College; (2) a project budget in the amount of $1,207,083; and (3)borrowing of Measure C funds in the amount of $762,369 for the STEM Center Renovation Project while awaiting annual reimbursement from the Department of Education.

Background Narrative:

Norco College was successful in obtaining a Title III Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) grant beginning the 2011-12 academic year. The purpose of the grant is to develop STEM degrees that articulate to four-year institutions and increase enrollment and success rates of Hispanic and low income students.

One of the objectives of the grant is to establish a STEM Center that includes study spaces, a computer lab, and classroom space to support STEM students. The center will also serve as the facility for all MESA (Mathematics, Engineering, Science, Achievement) Program services and activities.



The Norco College Strategic Planning Process has determined the most cost effective way of achieving this objective is to renovate the unused portion of the Early Childhood Education Center (ECEC) to create a STEM Center. The approved grant budget includes the use of $1,207,083 to remodel the unused space in the ECEC into a STEM Center. The $1,207,083 budget allocated in the STEM Grant is awarded over a five-year period. Years 1 and 2 of the construction budget have been released in the amount of $444,714. The remaining construction budget in the amount of $762,369 (for years 2 through 5) will be released annually over the remaining term of the grant. To ensure that the renovation project stays on track and the objectives of the grant are met, it is therefore requested that the board approve the borrowing of Measure C funds in the amount of $762,369 to complete the remodel. This borrowed amount will be repaid by the Department of Education through reimbursement requests over the next
three years of the grant.

Additional funding may become available if the Department of Education approves Norco College’s request to redirect first year carry forward funds towards construction costs. The grant’s fiscal year is from October 1 through September 30 of each year. At this time, potential carry forward monies are not included in this proposal, as they have not yet been approved as part of the construction budget. Norco College has also secured the approval from the granting agency to use grant funds to remodel noninstructional spaces, such as restrooms, if deemed necessary to effectively use the building as a STEM Center. Grant funds may also be used to purchase instructionally related furniture and equipment for the STEM Center.



STEM Proposal attached for the Board’s review and consideration.
Prepared By: Paul Parnell, President, Norco College
 Dr. Gustavo Oceguera, Dean Grants and Student Equity Initiatives
Laurens Thurman, District Consultant
Orin Williams, Associate Vice Chancellor, Facilities Planning & Development