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Agenda Item (IV-B-2)

Meeting6/12/2018 - Committee
Agenda ItemCommittee - Teaching and Learning (IV-B-2)
SubjectAuto-Awarding Pilot Project-RCCD
Funding General Fund
Recommended ActionRecommend that the Board of Trustees approve the use of the Auto-Award Pilot Program.

Background Narrative:

As we move toward a new funding formula and Guided Pathways, the RCCD colleges embarked upon a pilot project to see how many students actually earned academic credentials, but never applied to receive them. Each campus looked at specific programs of study to sample graduates who were eligible to graduate, but did not apply. The results are eye- opening and leads us to recommend RCCD look into auto- awarding of degrees. The Auto-Awarding Pilot Program will allow the college’s to select programs with defined course sequencing to determine course completion. Determine the number of eligible students in selected programs who were eligible to receive a certificate or degree. Determine the percentage of eligible students who applied to graduate. Determine the percentage of eligible students who did not apply to graduate.

Prepared By: Irving Hendrick, Interim President, Riverside City College
Bryan Reece, President Norco College
Robin Steinback, President, Moreno Valley College
 FeRita Carter, Vice President of Student Services (RCC)
Dyrell Foster, Vice President, Student Services (MVC)
Monica Green, Vice President, Planning and Development, RCC