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Agenda Item (IV-C-3)

Meeting1/9/2018 - Committee
Agenda ItemCommittee - Planning and Operations (IV-C-3)
SubjectFunding Allocation and Agreement for Riverside City College Facilities Master Plan Update with Gensler
Funding Measure C
Recommended ActionIt is recommended the Board of Trustees approve 1) Allocation of $500,000 from Measure C Funds for the Facilities Master Plan Update; and 2) Agreement for the Facilities Master Plan Update with Gensler

Background Narrative:

Riverside City College is planning to update its existing 2008/2012 Facilities Master Plan.

The Facilities Master Plan Update will include, but is not limited to:
• Integration of newly developed Educational Master Plan (2016) with the new Facilities Master Plan;
• Ensure that all major initiatives and current capital (state and locally funded) projects are included within the current Facilities Master Plan;
• Evaluate viability of existing parking resources, along with potential parking opportunities to support the College’s vision and growth objectives; examine current and future vehicular circulation opportunities and strategies; Evaluate existing pedestrian pathways and circulation; recommend opportunities for improving circulation between the upper and lower campuses inclusive access, signage, and paths of travel;
• Evaluate and assess current building infrastructure; recommend replacement and mitigation strategies for physical resources to sustainably support future demands at RCC;
• Evaluate current athletic, student/community engagement centers and student services facilities infrastructure; recommend replacement and mitigation strategies for physical resources to sustainably support future demands of these programs at RCC;
• Recommend methodology to maximize state funding through the discrete sequencing of campus building planning, in collaboration with the District’s State Specialist;
• Recommend methodology to plan for and maximize the competitiveness of the IPP and FPP process at the CCCCO;
• Recommend and provide sequencing for long-term capital sustainable programs and initiatives;
• Recommend land acquisitions and/or future resources; provide research/strategies for demolition of structures no longer needed within the College’s portfolio.

Gensler's Director of Higher Education has expertise in this area and experience with not only our recent construction projects (Kane Student Services and Administration), but also with the development of the current IPP for the renovation of the old Physical/Life Sciences facilities to new Business-Education-CIS/CTE Building. The firms extensive knowledge in facilities master planning and development, along with a rich portfolio of leading facilities master plans across the state. Based on the recommendation of a committee of RCC faculty, staff and students along with members of the RCCD Facilities Development office, it is recommended to approve  the agreement with Gensler.

The funding for this project would be from the college's allocation of Measure C. The contract would be for a not to exceed amount of $500,000.

Prepared By: Irving Hendrick, Interim President, Riverside City College
 Chip West, Vice President, Business Services (RCC)
Chris Carlson, Chief of Staff & Facilities Development